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Answers To All Your Questions

We do not.  For the safety of your pet, we limit our services to animals that we are experienced in caring for.

We have no limit on the amount of dogs I will walk at once, on these conditions:
1. They must all live in the same home.
2. They must be used to being walked together.
We believe in 1:1 attention for our clients, so we will never combine client walks, even if that means having to decline one or reschedule to a different time.

No.  We believe that a trip to the vet or groomer includes very important information and education from their care team and that the owner should be present.  We will not provide transport to/from the vet, groomer, or other pet appointment.  The only exception is if a life-threatening emergency arises while the pet is in our care and the pet parent cannot be reached.

No, due to various reasons, we cannot bring your animal into our homes.  Most strongly, we believe in minimizing any disruptions in the pet's routine, and this includes their home, sleeping arrangements, and favorite parks or walking paths.  Also, we am not insured to board/kennel.

Yes and no.  I am a firm believer in "you get what you pay for."  While you may find cheaper options in the area, I believe my prices reflect current market value and also take into consideration the exceptional level of care that I provide.  Referrals from prior clients are available upon request. If you are unhappy with my prices, I won't be offended if you book with another agency.  Please don't hesitate to ask for multiple booking discounts.

Yes, and no.  Our primary focus is your pet and anything that is related to the care of your pet is our priority. (cleaning up pee/poo accidents, stuffing that was pulled out of toys, etc..)  But we will provide reasonable tasks routinely like bringing in packages, mail, etc..  We've fed fish and water flowers upon request.  We even once spent 20 extra minutes detangling a mini-blind cord from a  Roomba Vacuum.  The tip was appreciated but certainly not expected!  Communication is key.  We are reasonable and don't nickel and dime by charging extra for reasonable requests.

No, our insurance does not allow for housesitting if no pets are present in the home.

While we like to reinforce what you are already doing to train your pet, and we do some basic assessing and leash training, we do not offer official dog training at this time because we are not certified in training dogs.

We do not offer scheduled bathing or grooming services at this time.  We are happy to provide basic hygiene for your pet such as wiping paws and/or drying off.  If your pet has an unexpected accident regarding excessive urine, stool, or mud, we will do our best to clean your pup and this may include an unscheduled bath.

Yes, please see the "About Us" link for answers to all of these questions and more.

Yes, I have options in case of emergency I am happy to discuss more in detail if you reach out.  Also, there might be times when we are unable to accommodate your request for a service due to scheduling.  If this is the case, we will be happy to refer you to another agency or work together with you to find a time that suits us both.

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