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What Our Clients Have to Say...

Natalie has dog/cat sat for us in the past.  She has proved be very reliable.  Natalie takes the time to provide our pets with utmost care and attention.  She sent pictures and provided updates on the animals while we were away.  Natalie has been available spend the night(s) and frequent visits doing the day.  Our pets love the attention and appreciate her spending the night with them.  We would highly recommend Natalie for any pet sitting needs one may have!

Carole S.

We used Natalie when we went on vacation and honestly I didn't worry once about our 4 dogs.  Natalie is a great, trustworthy, and compassionate person who took wonderful care of our dogs the entire time.  She sent us daily photos of our dogs and even some videos.  My mind was at complete ease and will be using her again in the near future.  I would highly recommend Natalie to watch any pets.  She's simply great!

Ashley B

Natalie has a passion for animals and they love her too!  I have three Pomeranians and they flock to are when she's over regardless of who else is in the room!  I completely trust her and appreciate her dedication to caring for my pups!

Mary Ann B

Natalie was a success at watching my dog Shadowfax. He is a rescue, and his breed is known to have high energy, and therefore can be a handful for people who may not have a ton of experience with dogs. Shadowfax needs a sitter who has confidence, patience, and is willing to work with him. Natalie understood what this meant from the start - she walked him several times a day, sent updates, and did not hesitate to reach out to me if she had any questions. She genuinely cares about the pets she watches as if they were her own. I would highly recommend using her services!

Lauren W.

Natalie has been walking and sitting for us for over 2 years.  She has been a God Send while my sister battled cancer.  She sent frequent photos each time my sister was in the hospital which boosted her spirits so much during those dark times.  Our little SweetiePi has frequent seizures and I was 100% comfortable leaving her in Natalie's care overnight so I could focus on taking care of my sister.  Natalie let SweetiePi sleep in the bed with her (just like we) do so she could recognize a seizure quickly if it happened during the night.  Natalie follows instructions to a "T" and goes above and beyond.  She even did great getting SwettiePi to take her medicine!  I would highly recommend her for any walking or sitting.  She goes above and beyond every time.  She helped a lot after my sister passed away and we still book her often.

Ruthann B

I have been booking Natalie to sit and walk for over 4 years.  She knew exactly what to do with our older, ill dog, Mickey.  She gave multiple medications with ease and did slow gentle walks to keep her joints moving.  She even did doggie massage when Mickey was too ill to move much. She never complained about having to clean up her accidents. Once Mickey passed away, Natalie was extra caring and has continued to care for our younger dog, Reggie.  Reggie is sometimes high maintenance and is still learning.  Natalie helps reinforce leash training and socialization during her scheduled times with him.  One additional thing I love about Natalie is she takes awesome, professional quality photos and keeps me up to date without me even having to ask.  She has a way of getting our dogs personalities to show in every photo!

Jessica H

"I have had Natalie walk my dog Wrigley several times, as well as stop by to let him out or feed him.  She has always been very attentive, sending awesome pictures and specific details about the visit.  I can tell she genuinely loves animals and her caring attitude reflects that. I would highly recommend Natalie to love on your pet when you can't!"

Rhoda H.

I was so happy to find someone I could trust to come into my home and take good care of my dog, Sugar.  Natalie has that perfect balance between affection and being in charge.  Sugar was immediately comfortable!

Karen K.

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