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What we offer...

We'll make sure that your furry friend has exactly what they need.  Leave your pet with us, and you’re guaranteed to find them happy and well-rested upon your return.

**As us about discounts for multiple bookings!

A girl and her dog

$0 FREE Meet and Greet

Recommended for all 1st time clients prior to booking any other service.  Virtual option upon request.

This free service includes a 15-20 minute visit at your home (or virtually via video chat) with your dogs or cats present to make sure we are all a good fit for one another.  This may include a short walk around the block to assess your dog's behavior on leash.  We'll take the time to get to know your pet as well as hear from you about what is important for us to know.  If you haven't already, we'll help get you hooked up with our client app and scheduling portal! No limit on # of dogs or cats as long as they all live in the same home.

dog food


For dogs, cats, birds, and rodents

  • For Dogs: Options for 15 or 30 minutes, does NOT include a walk.  It can be selected for a short potty break, feeding, or just play time in the home or yard.  Includes wiped paws, feeding if requested, and water refresh

  • For Cats10 minute visit that includes feeding, water refresh, and cleaning litter box.   Playing and petting if cat allows.

  • For Rodents:  15 minutes visit for rodent care as instructed (feed, water, interaction, cage hygiene/liner change).

  • For Birds: 15 minute visit for bird care as instructed (feed, water, interaction, cage hygiene/liner change).

Walking with Dogs

Dog Walks

Exercise and Fun, all in One!

  • 30 Minute Walk Includes a full 30 minutes of time with only your pet. Includes a walk, wiped paws, feeding if requested, water refresh.  May include jogging if requested. 

  • 60 Minute Walk  Includes a full 60 minutes of time with your pet, includes a longer walk, wiped paws, feeding if requested, water refresh.  May include jogging if requested.  Perfect for high energy breeds.

Sleeping Dogs

Overnight Care

Quality time spent exclusively with your cat or dog in your home

  • 12-hour in-home overnight: This an alternative to boarding at a kennel, for someone who prefers that their pet gets maximum continuous companionship and their most usual night-time routine possible.  Pet will not be left alone for the entire 12 hour visit.  Price is all inclusive for care during the 12 hour period from 6:30pm-6:30am.  Includes feedings, walks if requested, water refresh, playing, and cuddling.  Additional daytime services may be booked separately.  Sitter will sleep at clients home and, if requested, will sleep with the pets in the bed.  Sofa, air mattress, or bed must be available for sitter.  Pet must be home - we do not offer house-sitting without a pet present.  Basic household tasks are included upon request such as watering plants, taking out trash, or collecting mail/paper from mailbox.

Dog Walker at the Park

Medication Administration

Committed to the health of your pet

  • Injectable or rectal medication administration can be administered for an additional fee.

Oral pills, oral liquid, ear drops, and topical creams are included in your service price at no extra charge. 

Services: Outdoor Activities
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